Procon & Associates, Inc. specializes in the exterior restoration of all types of building envelope systems. Regardless of midrise or multi-family, concrete and steel or wood frame structures. Our company focuses its resources toward understanding and correcting building related problems and deficiencies. We put major emphasis on moisture intrusion causes and effect in order to develop long term water management solutions in every project.

Building Envelope

  • Replacement or upgrading of existing wall cladding and related construction components
  • Replacement of doors, windows and curtain wall assemblies
  • Roof repair or total replacement (all system types)

Concrete Restoration

  • Repair of deteriorated and spalled concrete
  • Cathodic protection (either sacrificial or impressed current)
  • Post tension cable replacement and maintenance
  • Epoxy injection to repair cracks in concrete that were caused by excessive movement or overloading
  • Concrete balconies
  • Parking garage structures

Waterproof Coatings & Sealants

  • New sealant installation at all building fenestrations and control joints
  • Elastomeric wall coatings
  • Decorative waterproof deck coatings

Wood frame Structures