Disaster Recovery

There are many things to consider in the aftermath of a disaster such as a hurricane, and the sense of urgency can be overwhelming. One of the very first things to consider as a property owner is “who to call first”? Along with the insurance company, utilities and other critical systems that support the business, the owners must also determine who to go to for a comprehensive damage assessment on their facilities.

After a catastrophic event there are serious concerns regarding public safety, possible structural compromise to the structure, and temporary weather barriers to protect further damage to the interiors. As a first response contractor Procon & Associates has the expertise and the means to put your property back together and open for business.

We have a team of professionals already in place who can readily mobilize to your property following a significant storm event. We can handle the  engineering & design, temporary weather barriers, public safety, debris removal and clean up, interior drying and repair, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) and repairs to the entire building envelope.

  • Emergency Mobilization
  • Temporary Weather Barriers to Protect Interiors
  • Debris Removal
  • Storm Damage Assessment