Maintenance Program

Protect Your Investment

Profitable buildings that increase in value for both short and long term investments are the primary goals for income producing real estate properties. Successful investors know that proactive building maintenance and renovation programs are not only cost effective but will ultimately yield greater dividends.

An effective maintenance or renovation program is not only necessary to ensure the proper performance and longevity of the building components, but it is also required to protect the asset. Long term durable solutions rather than “quick fixes” can be accomplished through proper planning and budgeting. Periodic inspections and monitoring of the construction components is also a vital part of any established maintenance or renovation program.

Our team of experts believe that owners should be fully informed and educated when making decisions about their investments. Our team of professionals understand that once an owner has made the decision to spend capital on maintenance or renovation projects they want to be confident that they are receiving the highest possible value for their construction dollars. With our team commitment to detail and service, they will have that confidence.

When you retain the construction services of Procon you will be joining hundreds of building owners who have already relied on us to help protect their property investments.